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The aspiration for peer leading customer service, and a healthy and safe workplace, is an engaging endeavour, especially for our property maintenance technicians Thomas Sawatzky and Duston Paton.  Recent weather variation, from record cold, wind & snowfall, to freezing rain and sudden melting, create the conditions for risk within our portfolio.  The health and safety of the businesses, customers and our team is an ongoing priority.  Thomas and Duston, along with our industry suppliers, and the balance of our management team are on the job.  We have the competency, capacity, and the resources to ensure our risks are identified and mitigated every morning and as conditions change.  To ensure results we define our objectives and measure our progress by encouraging our customers, our suppliers, our people and our investors to let us know how we are doing through ongoing surveys and NPS scores. We believe in continuous improvement and we sincerely value the feedback.