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Over the years we have shared the elements that contribute to making Nearctic a great place to build a real estate career.  It is a remarkable place to grow, to foster creativity, innovation and lofty aspirations.  Exposed, structural fir timbers, concrete and steel, timeless interior design, unique works of Canadian artists, and today’s NEWS, one of our organic elements, the Living Wall.   All contribute to the individual and collective inspiration that defines Nearctic.

Our Living Wall has its own story of aspiration, challenge, fortitude and success.

From the outset our Living Wall was to inspire just like the other elements that were thoughtfully designed into the Nearctic space.  It was in the original vision, on the plans, initiated from the creative minds of our founder, David Kent, and our former COO & Architect, the late Pat Adams.  It was sourced, acquired, installed and set up for a life cycle of success.  However, for a number of years, for a number of reasons, the wall failed to grow.  It failed to reach its potential and the initial plantings wilted and perished.   The problems, and determining the resolution, became a familiar human story.

After two years of research, experimentation, trouble shooting, and accessing competent coaching and mentoring, Lindsay from Green Jeans persevered.  She sorted out the complexity of a system, of water, pressure, gravity, fertilizer, valves and controllers and created a living masterpiece.  It is now evident that the plants are thriving and the Living Wall  is the inspiration it was envisioned to be.  Like Nearctic itself, and our results based culture, executing on aspirations often involve facing complexity, expected and unexpected challenges, dependant on a positive perspective,  on perseverance, access to coaching, mentoring and creative ways around roadblocks.

My office sits across from the Living Wall, I was here, I am the witness.  The resolution was no easy task.

Thank you Lindsay and Greenjeans.