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Employee wellness programs have become increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes in recent years. These programs are designed to help employees maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage stress, and improve their overall wellbeing. While some companies may view these programs as an added expense, Nearctic is of the view that the benefits of investing in employee wellness far outweigh the costs.

One of the most significant benefits of an employee wellness program is improved employee health. Nearctic has provided employees access to multiple resources to help establish good foundations such as:

  • Introductory personal training sessions with the assistance of one of our fantastic tenants: 4 Points Health and Wellness;
  • Company gym located conveniently in the office;
  • Paid time during the day to exercise;
  • Company provided snacks and healthy lunches through Just Bite Me and;
  • Mental health support through a competitive benefits plan.

By offering these resources and keeping an open mind to an evolving wellness program catered towards employees’ needs, employees are encouraged to take proactive steps to improve their physical and mental health.

To kick off this program, the “Nearctic 2023 Wellness Challenge” was officially launched in February 2023 and progress is bring tracked for three months to encourage participation and to establish good habits.