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Stock of Nearctic branded “Industrial Strength” dark roast coffee beans came in just in time to fuel our 2021-2025 forecast and strategic plan.  Thank you Jessica McCullough for introducing us to Republica Coffee Roasters in Fort Langley BC, and to Nicole Olafson at Republica for sourcing, roasting, packaging and sending us the beans.

Over the coming weeks our real estate management team Courtney Strong, VP Real Estate, Gina Hritcu & Tiffany Lorenz, Property Managers, Sagar Kohli, Controller, Brian Workman, Operations Manager as well as the balance of the accounting and management teams, will be conducting a number of meetings with our valued contractors, suppliers, consultants and brokers.  The team will be busy creating business cases, forecasting operating and capital expenses, and creating leasing assumptions. Be it in the office, or remote, our partners will be able to join us in a Nearctic Industrial Strength coffee while inspiring innovation, creativity.