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2 March 2022

Nearctic Living Wall

Over the years we have shared the elements that contribute to making Nearctic a great place to build a real estate career.  It is a remarkable place to grow, to…
13 February 2022

Our People – Multipotentiality

Like many on the team at Nearctic, Dante Hernandez is not only a well educated and competent accountant and ERP talent, he is accomplished and passionate about photography and film…
9 February 2022

Announcement – Dante Hernandez – Corporate Accountant

Dante Hernandez joins Neartic Property Group as Corporate Accountant with over 20 years experience. Dante earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from MS Enverga University in the Philippines. He obtained the…
18 January 2022

Our Results Based Culture & Customer Service

The aspiration for peer leading customer service, and a healthy and safe workplace, is an engaging endeavour, especially for our property maintenance technicians Thomas Sawatzky and Duston Paton.  Recent weather…
20 December 2021

2021 – A Year of Remarkable Positive Absorption

2021 was a year of remarkable absorption for the Nearctic Income Property Portfolio.  The Nearctic leasing, construction and management team executed 75 new, and renewal of lease transactions, leading to…

Finding success in real estate transcends bricks and mortar. Success depends upon people. Since inception Nearctic understood that opportunity is both identified and realized through the collective values, competencies and ability to build relationships of those people on its team....

Sean McCulloughPresident & Chief Operating Officer