Nearctic Property Group is a real estate development and property management firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded in 1979, Nearctic is named after the father of a true Canadian success. Nearctic’s son, Northern Dancer, was the first Canadian-bred horse to win the Kentucky derby and remains one of the world’s most influential sires.

Our founder and President, David Kent, grew up knowing Nearctic’s owner, famed Canadian industrialist and philanthropist  E.P Taylor, whose commitment to  business and community were an inspiration and example that David mirrored as a model to his success.

“We’re in the business of helping our tenants succeed” - David Kent CEO

David arrived in Alberta from Ontario with only a few dollars in his pocket, yet he was able to build a career in building and consulting. In 1986, he and his team purchased their first building, calling it Nearctic Plaza. Today the company head office is still located there.

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